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May 20, 2024

May 20, 2024

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Citizen Vinyl has three press machines.

The LiteTone is an exquisite semi-automatic 10,000-pound beauty, manufactured by Viryl Technologies in Canada. Viryl is one of only two companies worldwide currently making new, state-of-the-art record presses. Citizen Vinyl chose the LiteTone because it is ideally suited for both high output and custom runs. While the process of vinyl record-making hasn’t changed much over the years, the precise engineering of the LiteTone helps to eliminate the defects that plague much vinyl pressing, and to ensure that each and every disc sounds great.

A customized SMT Model 1500 is a tried-and-true, fully-automatic workhorse, originally manufactured by Southern Machine & Tool in Nashville, TN. This press was built and modified by Greg Young of Record Pressing Machines, LLC and uses modern technology combined with a rugged, reliable design. SMT's American press technology has served the industry for over 45 years and boasts one of the fastest cycle times of all record presses — capable of making upwards of 100 discs per hour. Our SMT press helps us meet critical manufacturing goals by minimizing long turnaround times, and maximizing high production yields.

Our third record press is a brand-new 2022 computerized fully-automatic record press. It was custom built for Citizen Vinyl by Record Pressing Machines, LLC. The RPM press has touchscreen controls and state-of-the-art servo automation technology. The Record Pressing Machines design combines the best of the traditional record press technology and functions, with the integration of modern controls. The RPM press uses readily available parts for faster servicing and more economical maintenance compared to legacy presses or machines built outside of the US. For making the highest quality vinyl records and keeping up with the demand of the industry, the RPM press provides an industry-leading blend of performance and accuracy.

pressing floor


From the outset Citizen Vinyl wanted to make sure we could serve the vibrant local and regional music community here in Western North Carolina. Many artists here might only need a few hundred discs at a time and they need them at an affordable rate. We cater to our community with many "artistic" options for vinyl pressing. In addition to "classic black," we offer a variety of colored vinyl, splatter and swirl effects and both 140g and 180g weights.

With our increasing manufacturing infrastructure and personnel, our capacity for larger, more complex projects keeps growing. We now have capabilities to produce runs in the tens of thousands, and we maintain relationships with several record labels and distributors across the US and abroad. Our client list includes the full range of local to international artists across countless genres. We take pride in serving the DIY garage-band clients all the way to globally distributed superstars.

In short, you combine modern technology with Citizen Vinyl’s extensive audio engineering expertise and the results are beautiful looking and superb sounding records made to last many lifetimes.


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